Jack Installation Instructions For:
C-4 (Single Post)


1. Place the flat side of one of the plates on footing  (Figure 1).   

2. With the adjusting screw and nut, turn the round nut to the top of the threads of the adjusting screw.  Place the adjustment screw on top of the post.  The tapered side of the nut will fit into the post with the shoulder of the nut resting on top of the post (Figure 2).

3. Place the other plate on top of the adjusting screw with the flat side of the plate facing up and use an adjustable wrench to complete the fine adjustment (Figure 3).


• Make sure post is centered under beam and is vertically plumb (straight)

• Secure plates with proper nails, screws or bolts.

• To correct sagging floors, place beam under joists and hold in place with two Telescoping Jacks.  Adjust the floor jacks one-half turn each week over several weeks.

• Telescoping jacks should be used as additional support, not the primary means of support.

• When used in a lifting application consult a licensed engineer to determine safe allowable load.

• Be sure that the jack is placed on a solid stable foundation.