Heavy Duty Floor Jacks

Our Big Moe heavy duty floor jacks are the best choice to support extra heavy loads.

heavy duty floor jack

When you need a floor jack that can handle extra heavy loads, it makes sense to turn to the best heavy duty floor jack made by the market leader in tubular structural supports.

  • Temporary support for room additions & remodeling projects, with the strength to support large appliances
  • Easy to adjust, easy to install
  • Can be used permanently as secondary support along with the approved primary support
gray plate floor jack heavy duty

Self-Centering Plates
4” x 6” x .170” minimum thickness

These heavy duty floor jacks are designed for heavy load areas, with added strength in every component:

    • 11 gauge inside/outside high carbon steel tubes
    • Heavy gauge steel plates
    • Double carriage bolt design for added safety
    • Corrosion-resistant coating inside & out
    • Zinc-coated secure bolt/nut connectors
    • Adjustment range from 4’ 8” to 8’ 4”

BIG MOE FLOOR JACKS 2 4/5″ OD Outside Tube, 2 1⁄2″ OD Inside Tube; 3/16″ x 4″x 6″ Plates

11 GA. Adjustment Range UPC COMPRES- SION LOAD RANGE* Weight Description
BIG MOE 4' 8" - 8' 4" / 56"- 100" 7-16733- 12841-5 38,000 lbs. to 20,000 lbs. 31 lbs. 0.5
BIG MOE4' 8" - 8' 4" / 56"- 100"7-16733- 12841-538,000 lbs. to 20,000 lbs.31 lbs.0.5

*Compression load is testing to the point of failure. Maximum loads are obtained at minimum extension.

To determine safe or allowable loads, consult a licensed engineer.

Adjustable Floor Jacks Components

floor jack-assembly

Note: Floor/Telescoping Jacks are for use in projects as temporary or additional support. Not intended for permanent, primary support.

Our jacks are tools that can be used to make remodeling and repair projects easier and achieve a more professional result.